Present Day

We accommodate

Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre  accommodates  more than 150 children from all over KwaZulu-Natal . The Centre  reflects the full spectrum of the diversity of South Africa. Children in need are removed and placed in our care by order of the Children’s Court of South Africa. Although the Centre  is a Christian faith based organisation children are accepted irrespective of sex, race or belief.

Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre –
Home of hope for many of the
destitute children of South Africa!

Why is the Home necessary?

  • Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre is an integral part of the community not only of Greytown, but also the greater KwaZulu-Natal. The Centre  is situated in the Umzinyathi District Municipality, one of the 22 identified Presidential Poverty Nodes in South Africa and there are very limited work opportunities for the local people. Added to this is the lack of proper housing, readily available clean water, electricity or water borne sewage system.
  • The educational institutions in the rural areas that most of our children come from, are mostly in a poor condition and clinics and hospital facilities are understaffed and cannot cope with the demand for services desperately needed by the inhabitants. A large number of people are living with HIV/Aids and due to the lack of service delivery from the public health institutions many do not receive the much needed treatment. This results in many children becoming orphaned.
  • Education crisis – Of the children who enter the schooling system at least half drop out before Grade 12 (Final high school phase). One of the contributing factors is that some experts put the number of dysfunctional schools in South Africa as high as 80%.The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2012 – 2013 ranked the quality of South Africa’s educational system as 140 out of 144 countries.
  • The average household has 5.5 members with an income of less than $1 per day per member. Unemployment is in the region of 75%. The result is that the circle of poverty, abuse, malnutrition and neglect becomes ever wider.
  • Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre provides a safe haven for disadvantaged and vulnerable children. The large number of children placed in our care and the positive results that emanate from their stay with us have resulted in the Centre being highly respected by the communities within which it operates.

Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre is a Centre of care where abused,
destitute and disadvantaged children are
afforded new opportunities to change their lives for the better,
focus on their future and become
first class citizens of our beloved country.