Central kitchen
The purchasing and distribution of food are handled by an outside company Feedem as they have the expertise on providing nutritious meals on a budget  only on Monday  to  Friday. Weekend meals are prepared at the 7 houses accommodating our children by the Child Care workers. However for special occasions meals are prepared at the central kitchen. We need a walk-in freezer, large gas/electric stoves and proper work surfaces (read redesign) for the kitchen.

The main bulk of laundry is done at the central laundry. We urgently need to upgrade the laundry with new industrial equipment to enhance productivity and save on water and electricity.

Clothing store
The Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre has a clothing store where our children are outfitted for school, recreation, church. This facility needs to be upgraded to render an even better service to our children.

Basie Rothman Sick Bay

  • To address the need for in-house primary health care for our children the Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre established the 10 bed Basie Rothman Sick Bay on our premises. The Sick Bay is situated away from the children’s residential houses, thus they are treated in private. The 10 beds have proved their worth with outbreaks of contagious child diseases. This facility is under the supervision of a Registered Staff Nurse.
  • Tight control exists over medication distribution. Regular medical check-ups are executed to ensure that our children stay in good health.
  • Preventative measures are in place to eliminate possible health problems rather than treat neglected conditions. All our children are inoculated as required.
  • When a child is sick, the Staff Nurse evaluates the condition and if necessary, the child is taken to the local clinic or hospitalised in a government hospital.
  • Detailed records are kept for each of our children’s medical history.
  • Special care is taken where our children are on chronic medication.

Computer room

  • The Greytown Child & Youth  Care Centre  has a dedicated computer room/library.
  • We have 5 computers for our children to practise their computer skills and do their school assignments.
  • The computer room is under the supervision of a full time staff member .
  • Some of the computers have internet access for our children to do research for school assignments.


  • New 65 passenger Hino bus. The bus was bought new in August 2011.
  • 2009 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. This 22 passenger bus was donated to the Home by an anonymous couple.
  • 2009 Toyota Avanza 7 seat MPV. This vehicle was donated to us by the same couple that donated the MB Sprinter.
  • 1998 Ford Laser Tracer 5 seat motorcar. This vehicle has now reached the stage where it must be replaced urgently. The vehicle is mostly used to transport our children to the clinic and hospitals.
  • 2001 Mitsubishi LDV.


  • Trailer – used to transport baggage of our children or to pick up donations.
  • Ride-on lawnmower
  • Industrial self-propelled lawnmower
  • Brush cutters and blower


The hall is adjacent to the central kitchen and is used for video shows and other indoor recreation activities. There are 140 almost new chairs. The folding tables have however reached the end of their working life and needs to be replaced by 15 new heavy duty folding tables.

Casa Nova Recreation Area. (means new house)
This very large facility (can easily accommodate 300 seated people) was donated and furbished by a Mr A Casanova, a local pensioner during 2011. We named the facility after him. This facility is used on a daily basis by our children for undercover recreation and especially during the rainy season. With the canvas sides rolled down it will be a wonderful covered area for our children during the winter.

Swimming Pool
The half Olympic size swimming pool is a perfect cool down facility for our children on very hot summer days. It could even be utilized year round if we can have it covered with a glass dome structure. There are a huge demand for swimming facilities locally and if we can utilize this facility year round we can even generate a steady rental income. Any company prepared to cover the swimming pool?

Playground equipment
The Home has a wide variety of playground equipment to keep our children busy. 4 trampolines however now urgently need new mats and springs. Any offers?

Our premises afford our children wide open spaces for ball and other activities.