The Greytown Child & Youth Care Centre  sets a higher standard than the required minimum for food, education, medical and therapeutic services as well as accommodation.

The result is that -

• Our children are healthy and absenteeism from school is minimised.
• The quality of life of our children coming from the most depressing circumstances possible has improved dramatically. The same results are achieved with our children on chronic medication.
• Our children accept the opportunity to change offered to them, heal the wrongs of the past and create a future for them.
• The balanced nutritional meals also have a positive effect on the academic achievements of our children and some children even excel at school. Many of our children have also achieved great success on the sports field.

• Our children held leadership positions for the past number of years

Letter from a former resident

I came to Greytown Children’s Home when I was about seven years old in 1996, I was quite nervous because it was like starting a whole new life all over again and meeting  new people I was also a little exited.

My first day at the Home was actually quite nice, I got to know the rest of the children that I stayed with and we got used to each other and got along quite well, during the first couple of weeks I already made a whole lot of friends and they were even teaching me how to speak Afrikaans, our house mother that time was quite strict, she did not allow any foolish behaviour and she taught us manners, discipline and how to behave.

As the years slowly went by I got to know new people and made a lot of friends and I started liking school where I also got to learn a lot more, I went to St David’s School, well as usual like every child grows up there was some times where I misbehaved and things got out of hand, but we all should learn from our mistakes, I also went to church and attended Sunday school which taught me about God, how to treat others and how we should live life.

Finally the time came where I reached high school (Greytown High School), there were many challenges but I was well prepared and I was able to face them and that is where I learnt the most things in life, I also achieved many achievements and the greatest of them was being selected as prefect in 2007 and I also became the head boy of Greytown Children’s Home in the same year which was an outstanding achievement for me.

When I matriculated in 2007 and finally had to go out into the real world, I was quite excited and quite sad at the same time because it was like being separated from a big family at school and the Children’s Home which became part of my life over the previous years.

After I left school and the Children’s Home,  I got a job at a company called Mascor, after working there for two years I got a bursary and went to study.

I would like to thank the Greytown Children’s Home for making me the person I am today; I would also like to tell everyone who stays in the Children’s Home the following “Guys do not take this opportunity for granted, respect everyone around you and don’t worry about what people say about you just be focussed and be the best person you can.”

Ek wens almal die beste en ‘n goeie jaar wat voorlê.  Greetings to everyone.

Wiseman Madlala